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This page is a short summary in English for our international visitors and we try to provide you with all essential insights in brief.

Our family is renown for producing high-quality wines since 1698 with passion. Our mission is to make wine tangible for everybody. This comprises the principles of sustainable cultivation of our wine yards as well as the careful vinification on our premises. 

Together with my father Günther, I am managing our family business with a clear focus on quality and tradition, never forgetting nature. I rely on our sound experience and deep knowledge to develop or business and our wines further.

If we had to describe our wines…

… we’d have difficulties doing this in just a few words. All our wines have their individual character and stand for themselves. We introduced three categories, distinguishing our quality levels:

  • Bodenständig (down to earth)
    Traditional and original wines, low in alcohol for every day.
  • Eigenständig (independent)
    Superior wines standing for themselves, perfect to accompany good food.
  • Unanständig (indecent)
    Wines which are not only indecently good, but also sustainable and durable, with passion for experiments and coming from the best vineyards.

Our family business – Weingut Sommer in Hambach

Our business is well-known to produce wines in midst of one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The Sommer family runs this company in the 10th generation and has like it’s wines – origins in Rheinland Pfalz, the German state Palatinate. We strive to link our tradition of our family with modern wines, keeping nature in focus.

Our family tradition of producing wines dates back more than 250 years in Hambach. We are among only a few wineries growing red and white wines in equal manner. Next to well-known grapes of the region like Riesling, Spätburgunder or Kerner, we also cultivate pinot blanc, chardonnay or sauvignon. We benefit from the mediterranian climate in our area – right under the Hambach Castle in a region that is known as “Germany’s Tuscany”.

Our philosophy – less is more!

We are paying attention on an individual and organic growing of our grapes to cater for the variety of our wines. It is key for us to limit interference with nature to an absolute minimum. Our climatic conditions and the light sandstone soils are doing a lot for the optimal development of our grapes. This results in wines with a unique character.

Continuing in the wine cellar, our organic mission is key to our work. With caution, we are passionate about achieving the best results with minimum intervention.

Come and meet us in Hambach and try our wines or use our online shop to order.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday  2pm – 6pm
Saturday 11 am  – 4 pm
Sunday and public holidays: by appointment only, please

Ordering our wines

International shipping can be tricky, given local legislations on taxes, import and customs regulations or shipping fees to locations abroad. This is why our webshop can only support a limited amount of destinations for shipping with automatic calculation of shipping fees and surcharges. However, we are experienced in shipping our wines around the world and we would be delighted to supply you with our products right to your door step. Please be so kind and use our English contact form to direct your individual requests to us and we’ll get in touch to sort out all conditions to allow for hassle-free shipping.

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